New Product Review

Grip-It Strips - Decorative Anti-Skid Strips for Laptops

Track It - Portable Anti-Theft System

Lapstand - Portable stand for your computer

NG-34 - Security Lock for Laptop Computers

This page is a new addition to our web site. Periodically we will test products/software which we think will be of interest to our users. We will post a photo of the new product, list the technical specs, and then post our test notes following our testing of the product. We will do our best to be objective in our testing and will offer a fair evaluation of the product/software without regard to the source, whether from our sponsors or from solicited sources.  Manufacturers who wish to have their products reviewed should contact the webmaster. If we agree to provide a product review and a link to where to buy it, we will ask you to send a product sample to our offices along with a complete description of the product, and several photos (or e-mail some .GIF or .JPG  format pictures) to post on this page with the review.