What it DOES:

A portable method for propping your laptop on the floor between your legs while sitting.

How it WORKS:

It is a folding stand that collapses down to about 2" x 3 3/4 " x 9 3/4". Sturdy construction, with quick release buttons for breakdown and setup.

Acceptable height for use only when sitting down.. working in airports, bus stations, restrooms, and other locales which are lacking proper desks..


A good idea that still requires refinement.

The actual area for your laptop looks more like an inverted "T" where the 2 halves of the T move independently of each other, allowing you to end up with something that looks like a shallow "Y" if you are not careful, the laptop will slide off to one side or another. The clips work in an illogical order when setting up and breaking down.. <you don’t start on one end then work to the other.> The clips aren’t designed to snap into place as the stand is set up <you need to manually pop the clips OUT of the locked position in order to set up as well as break down - and they are not actually doing anything when broken down.> The base allows it to possibly tip INTO you somewhat easily, which isn’t a problem since you are supposed to be sitting there.

I do like the idea of the lip that is provided by the inverted "T" to keep your computer from sliding towards you. But as the LapStand was received, Velcro dots are used to keep it from slipping to one side or another, off the stand onto the floor. I don’t know about you- but my computer, unlike my luggage, has not been durability tested by a gorilla.


We give this product a 2 thumbs up out of 10.


LapStand® Inc.
270 Northland Blvd Suite 124
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Ph: 513-772-3131
Fx: 513-772-9172

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