"Track It" Portable Anti Theft System


What it DOES:

The Receiver/alarm goes in a pocket of your laptop bag. You keep the transmitter/Keychain in your pocket. It sends out a piercing sound if someone decides to try to walk off with your bag <containing your laptop> while you are otherwise distracted. Useful for not only computers, but also bags, purses, camera bags, and possibly even children.

How it WORKS:

This little beauty is basically an invisible electronic leash <Radio Frequency>- if the receiver/alarm unit is taken too far from the transmitter/keychain, it creates an ear piercing 100 db noise. It consists of 3 parts: A Transmitter/Keychain, A Reciever/Alarm, and a set of 2 keys. There is no cause for concern that someone else might have another of these key chains to cause a false alarm. When synchronizing the key chain to the alarm, there are 256 different RF codes used to randomly start it working. There are 2 levels of protection (high and low) on the transmitter, that allow you to choose the distance sensitivity for you circumstance (how far your bag can get from you before the alarm is set off). The low gain setting on the key chain gives about 30 feet of free play, while the high setting provides about 60 feet. That’s in free roaming spaces... walls and doors seem to shorten the range.


After playing with it for a little while, and irritating those around me no small amount, I found it to be a clever system that would benefit many travelers. I'm particularly fond of the "Panic" button, which allows you to trigger the alarm from the keychain, just to find the bag that contains the receiver.

Potential problems: If you put the key chain in your pocket, as many of us often do, the on/off switch may accidentally be moved to the off position setting off the alarm needlessly. The switches are small and not likely be shut off accidentally - but it did happen to me once when I had other items in my pocket. Also, this product doesn’t attach directly to your laptop computer (it's in your bag) so that if someone grabs your computer out of the bag, hoping you won’t notice for a while you probably won't.


We give this product 7 thumbs up out of 10.


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