Grip-It Strips

What it DOES:

These colorful adhesive strips have a non-skid surface that helps keep your laptop from slipping out of your hands or off of your lap. TSA employees at the security check points have praised the strips for being safer in handling yourlaptop computers in and out of the carrier bins going through the X-ray machines.

How it WORKS:

The self adhesive strips can be applied to any plastic or metal laptop surface. Once applied, these wonderful little strips provide an extra "grip" to your laptop. It reminds me of the bathtub strips that keep your feet from slipping in the shower or bathtub. You can purchase Grip-It Strips in black, gray, purple, teal and magenta to mix or match any color scheme. They can also be cut into a variety of designs for those of you who want to really express yourself. It sure makes it easy to spot your computer on the security conveyor belt at the airport too!


In addition to being colorful and functional, these dandy strips do provide a little more secure feeling to handling your laptop. Of course, you can easily change the location, colors and designs to suit your mood or meeting. They work best for me when I am hauling my laptop around like a book under my arm or in my hands. The extra grip is definitely noticed and offers a sense of additional security in handling your laptop. Insurance studies show that over 8,100 Laptops a day are damaged from all forms of handling accidents and the cost to repair can easily exceed $800.


We give this product 10 thumbs up out of 10.

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