Before You Travel with a Laptop, Read these Articles for Tips and Tricks to Assist You


About this Section:

This section will help you prepare for your next trip abroad with your laptop computer - everything you may need from finding a roaming internet access provider to guarding against computer theft while on the road.

Before you begin your road trip, there are a number of issues you need to address.

First, there are hardware issues. You will need the correct power plug adapter so you can plug in your laptop when you get to your destination (and points in between). There are 9 different power plugs in use around the globe. In addition. your laptop may not be prepared to handle the 240VAC power you will encounter in many countries, so you may need a step-down transformer.

Next, you will have to deal with the telephone jacks which do not conform with the standard RJ-11 phone jack we all take for granted while traveling around the U.S. There are 39 different telephone jacks in use worldwide. You must have a telephone adapter to handle each of the phone jacks where you plan to travel. There is also a problem of trying to hook up your laptop computer to a digital phone line - that will blow your modem and then you can not use your computer. A special digital signal tester is available to test the line to make certain you are trying to connect to a phone line that will handle analog signals you computer's modem can handle.

Then there are the software issues. Laptops manufactured for use in the US have modems installed that do not recognize the dial tones used by most other countries. You will have to learn how to set your modem commands so your computer will ignore the strange dial tones and allow you to dial manually. Otherwise, your computer will not be able to function with your modem trying to recognize the strange dial tones.

Then there is a phenomenon called "tax impulsing". This is a condition that exists in certain European countries phone systems to measure the amount of time you are on the phone. It is a regular "beep" on the phone line - we normally ignore it during voice calls - that will cause your laptop to disconnect. There is a tax impulse filter so you can have normal communication using your laptop. 

The following Articles, Tips and Resources are meant to offer a solution for each of these potential problems - before you leave on your trip!

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