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Free services that convert Email to fax messages

There may be no free lunch in this world, but there are a number of ways to send out Email and have it delivered as a fax message — for free. This can be particularly convenient — and cost saving — if you're on the road and need to reach someone who does not have Email access.

Since these services are often available at no charge, one can not expect too much in terms of coverage area or the timeliness of delivery. But if you find yourself sending repeated faxes to one part of the world, it's worth your time to find and test out one of these services.

The best place to start is by checking out a list of email fax services compiled by a dedicated guy named David Berger, Founder of His email fax guide is called David Berger's Internet Fax, Email Fax Reviews & Free Fax FAQs. With things, as always, changing so fast on the Internet, it's hard to keep any such list up-to-date, but Berger does a good job of telling you what types of fax services are available and where to get more information and find special deals. Examples of what you'll find on Berger's Website are fax services offering free faxing to 41 contries, ½¢ a page faxing plans and 60-day free trials:

There are some reliable free fax services that let you fax within a given geographic area. Examples of this include and which allow you to send two free faxes to anywhere in North America — including USA, Canada and Hawaii. Be aware that free fax services do not keep logs or store your sent faxes. If a confirmation is important to you, you may find some low-cost or even free faxing alternatives listed above.

Other services are run by public institutions such as universities, but by far the most complete coverage of the world is provided by a service called The Phone Company, also referred to as TPC.INT. This is service is offered by a group of companies, institutions and individuals who have joined together in a not-for-profit manner.

TPC.INT's coverage is not universal, but it is really rather extensive. Many if not most major cities in the US and Canada are included, as are a number of universities. Internationally, you find a number of countries with complete coverage, including the UK, Sweden and Germany. In other countries you find partial coverage, such as in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and South Africa. In other countries, you find just the largest city covered, such as Lisbon or Brussels. You'll also find some unexpected places on the list, including parts of China, Moscow, and Croatia.

To use TPC.INT and other Email-to-fax services you need to know how to format the address in your Email message. The format varies from service to service, but the address generally includes a way to specify text to appear on a cover page and a way to specify the recipient's fax number. For convenience, TPC.INT also has a section of it Web site set up to automatically format fax headers for you.

Contact: To find out more about TPC.INT, get a list of areas covered or receive a list of frequently asked questions, go to:

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