Check your Email:
Public libraries offer Internet connections, too

If you find yourself in need of a Internet fix and your laptop is not an option, think of the public library as an alternative to an Internet cafŽ. Many such libraries in the US now offer public access to the Internet, often at no charge at all.

At the library, as at an Internet cafe, you’ll be able to surf the Web or use Telnet to connect to the computer where your Email is stored. Once connected, you can use a simple Email program resident on the computer that stores your Email to send or retrieve messages.

Alternatively, if the computer terminal you are using at the library has Eudora, another Email program, or Netscape, you can use it to retrieve your Email by configuring it with your POP Account user name.

It is important to have done one’s homework before trying to connect from libraries or Internet cafes. Before you leave home you need to be in contact with your Internet Service Provider. If you plan on Telnetting in, do you know how to use Telnet? What is the appropriate address? And once connected, do you know how to use the system's Email utility?

If you hope to use Email software on the computer you’re connecting from, make sure you have the necessary configuration info, especially your POP account name, your user name and your password.

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