Laptop lock product review:
Defcon I lock by Port Inc.


I was recently sent a Defcon I lock, sold by a company in Connecticut, USA, called PORT. The lock contains a three-foot retractable cable that you can attach to your laptop and run an immovable object to help protect your laptop computer from theft. I took it on a trip to Switzerland to test it out.

Here’s a review of my experience with the lock:

Luzern, Switzerland -- From the hotel I took the bus for a few stops so I could drop my bags at the train station. For a few francs you can rent a locker. Traveling with $2000 in computer equipment does make me a bit nervous, so I thought I’d use one of the new gadgets that I’ve been sent for review.

This one is a computer combination lock. There’s a retractable cable that you pull out and attach to your computer, or you can loop it through such things as the handles on your suit cases. As an added bonus, the lock also has a motion detector. Once it is locked and activated, it will sound an alarm if it is moved. I figured this was exactly the kind of protection I’d need. I’d lock my stuff in a locker, lock the bags together, and activate the motion detector. It would be enough to stop any thief.

I needed one of the larger lockers to have room to maneuver the lock into place, so I deposited my 5 francs (about $3.50), locked the lock, activated the alarm, closed the locker door and took my key, quite satisfied. But as I turned my back I heard a beep. Then I heard the alarm. I tried not to panic. It wasn’t that loud, since it was inside the locker. I knew that it would sound for 45 seconds then reset itself. It was a very long 45 seconds, but the alarm finally stopped. I was relieved, at least until I heard the next beep and the alarm went off again.

I put my key in the lock, opened the door. The alarm got much louder, but I was able to deactivated it without too much delay or additional embarrassment. That was fine, except that it meant that I’d just lost my 5 francs, and I didn’t have five more in change. Finally I pushed and pushed until I got the bags into a smaller locker that required only 3 francs, but this time, I didn’t chance setting the alarm.

I still travel with that lock. I like the fact that it’s a combination lock (where you choose the combination) and the way the cable retracts into the plastic housing. However, I have not again attempted to use the motion detector feature of the lock. The company that sent me the lock said that mine was defective and that they’d send me another one, but to date the company’s PR department is yet to come through.


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