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Read David Berger's Fax Guide and Email Fax Reviews.

With over twenty years of telecom experience, David Berger has written a best-selling book and compared a wide range of email fax services. His site,, reviews a variety of business and residential email faxing plans as well as free online fax services.

RoadNews contains all the information you need to know if you are traveling with a computer. Whether you are going on a cruise, looking for tips for your Smart Phone, looking for a new wine experience along the road or seeking help with your exchange rate (currency exchange). Even if you are seeking help in going wireless we are your first choice. For your internet computer use in your RV on the local back roads or international travel, IBM has chosen our site as best of breed for on the road support for portable computers. Think of us as your visa to assistance in staying connected with your laptop computer. If there is a way to stay connected with your notebook computer, we can help with the connection - worldwide. Take us along on your journey and happy travels.

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Cruise Ships Update
I have collected all the information that you may find useful in for120 cruise lines and river boat operators. Web sites, passenger ships, passengers, whether or not they have Internet connections and if they have enrichment lecturers on board. I just came back from a 4 day Food & Wine cruise on the American Queen paddlewheeler. Great time!. Go to CruiseShips Info (Nov '05)
This web site offers cruises with a wide variety of land and tour options, as well as all inclusive vacations. Check out their Hot Deals for cruises at (Apr '05)


Looking for the best buys in notebook computers?
Shop online for notebooks, laptops & more at Shopzilla! Don't just shop, Shopzilla! Quickly view/rank available computers by price and product rating. Notebook Computers (DEC '05)


IP Telephony Finally Comes of Age
Here is a way for you to talk to friends free via the Internet. It works for PCs or Macs that have a built in microphone or a jack for an external microphone. I bought my external microphone at CompUSA for $20. I use it all the time to talk to my brother in West Virginia.
Skype is a little piece of free software that lets you talk to your friends through the Internet for free. I kid you not... you can talk for absolutely nothing, anywhere in the world. And what's more, they don't charge anything for it. Honest.
The only thing you need to do is download Skype and then you can call your friends long distance using the IP telephony protocol...
If you want to read more about what you can do with Skype or want to download it right away, visit . It works with Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X, Linux and Pocket PC.(Apr '05)


Try the Roadtrek Web Site
I have discovered a wonderful web site for people who enjoy motoring across the United States by Roadtrek vans. The site is full of great information for those who choose to take to the road for business or pleasure in their Roadtreks.
We thought it would be worthwhile to have a link to their web site for our readers to enjoy. Try . (Apr 05)


Read notebook news and laptop reviews. 
Laptops Weblog

HotelsMAX was found in 1998 as a hotel room wholesaler, buying rooms in advanced from hotels and selling them at a greatly discounted rate to the general public, travel agents and even other wholesalers.
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United Red Carpet Rooms Telecom Update
Recently I tried the new Hot Spot availble in many of the Red Carpet club rooms. I used my Apple G4 to quickly connect ot high speed Internet completely wireless. Very nice! T-Mobile is the service provider and it took just a minute to enter my credit card info, set up my computer and get on-line. UPDATE - I was just returning from Hawaii and stopped in the Red Carpet Club in SFO. T-Mobile no longer offer connection time by the hour. They have gone to monthly billing and is not as convenient as before. (Nov 05)

IBM ThinkPad Web Site prefers RoadNews Link
RoadNews was contacted by IBM and we were selected to be a "Preferred site for portable notebook support". is linked to their ThinkPad Community page via  We are linked Under their "Mobile Site Links". Please check it out! (July 03)

Finally a list of in-flight laptop services by airline!
This is an excellent place to see if your flight will have the power outlets for your computer BEFORE you take off! And a place you can rent a laptop by the day, week or month... You can check it out at (Oct02)

Kathryns Kabins
Kathryn's Kabins are located in Southern West Virginia just 20 minutes south of Charleston. Nestled in the cozy mountains of Boone County, these quiet vacation retreats are built next to the Hatfield-McCoy Waterways Trailhead which is part of the Little Coal River Trail System. With over 80 miles of trails for ATV's, motorcycles, bikes, horses, and hikers, more miles to be added soon. Sitting on the banks of the Little Coal River which is stocked regularly, it's a great place for the whole family to go fishing and canoeing. Check them out at (Jan 04)
Your home for Computer notebook site information online, theytake notebook related websites and put them in one place for you to find exactly what you are looking for, and as theydo not sell anything -they are completley unbiased. Full website reviews (Jul 04)

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 Find great buys at www.4GreatBuys.comHow to Buy a Laptop - Online guide to laptop computers shows you how to choose the right one for you. - Power supplies and computer cases

Notebook Solutions provides affordable mobility to the end user, or small business.   They specialize in Laptop / Notebook Sales and offer other accessories as well.  Notebook Solutions will provide you with quality, affordable notebooks, for a fraction of the original retail price. - A variety of helpful products for the traveler.




RVers On-Line
RVers Online is published with the objective of being the best online independent public service information resource for RVers. With well over a thousand pages of non-commercial RV-related information, and online help for all types of RVing questions, this site is based on "RVers helping RVers". 05 )

2500+ Live Earth Cams
Like to see what is happening in other spots of the world? Try looking at the world through the live cameras in many places in the world.  Try to get a variety of live cam shots around the world.(Apr 05)


My Wireless Experience
I recently purchased an Apple PowerBook G4 that was Bluetooth compliant. I also changed cell phones to a Sony Erricson T616 that was also Bluetooth compliant. It is amazing how easy it is to cruise down the highway or sit in the airplanes or waiting areas and have access to the maps and directions by surfing the Internet completely wireless, not to mention picking up my e-mai! For those of you who have been waiting, I say the wait is over - wireless is here and it works great! You may have a problem if you try to connect through another cell phone provider outside your contracted service. For example, my services is AT&T but when I enter a cell phone area where AT&T has contracted with a local cell phone carrier, I can not connect via Bluetooth unless I reprogram my computer. (Apr 05 )


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With over twenty years of telecom experience, Berger has written a best-selling book and compared a wide range of email fax services. His site,, reviews a variety of business and residential email faxing plans as well as free online fax services.

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Foreign Country Visa Entry Requirements
This web site has all the visa requirements and other entry documentation listed by country. International road warriors will find this site to be very useful. Note that many countries are now requiring a test for AIDS before issuing visas. The site is maintained by A Briggs, Passport & Visa Expeditors. Check it out at .(Jul 04)


Before You Travel with any Portable Computer
Read these Articles for Tips and Tricks to Assist You

About this Section:

This section will help you prepare for your next trip abroad with your laptop computer - everything you may need from finding a roaming internet access provider to guarding against computer theft while on the road.

Before you begin your road trip, there are a number of issues you need to address.

First, there are hardware issues. You will need the correct power plug adapter so you can plug in your laptop when you get to your destination (and points in between). There are 9 different power plugs in use around the globe. In addition. your laptop may not be prepared to handle the 240VAC power you will encounter in many countries, so you may need a step-down transformer.

Next, you will have to deal with the telephone jacks which do not conform with the standard RJ-11 phone jack we all take for granted while traveling around the U.S. There are 39 different telephone jacks in use worldwide. You must have a telephone adapter to handle each of the phone jacks where you plan to travel. There is also a problem of trying to hook up your laptop computer to a digital phone line - that will blow your modem and then you can not use your computer. A special digital signal tester is available to test the line to make certain you are trying to connect to a phone line that will handle analog signals you computer's modem can handle.

Then there are the software issues. Laptops manufactured for use in the US have modems installed that do not recognize the dial tones used by most other countries. You will have to learn how to set your modem commands so your computer will ignore the strange dial tones and allow you to dial manually. Otherwise, your computer will not be able to function with your modem trying to recognize the strange dial tones.

Then there is a phenomenon called "tax impulsing". This is a condition that exists in certain European countries phone systems to measure the amount of time you are on the phone. It is a regular "beep" on the phone line - we normally ignore it during voice calls - that will cause your laptop to disconnect. There is a tax impulse filter so you can have normal communication using your laptop. 

The following Articles, Tips and Resources are meant to offer a solution for each of these potential problems - before you leave on your trip!

Mobile Internet Access

Tricks of the Trade

Road Reports

Modem Configuration Tips

Laptop Security Tips

Tips to Making a Connection

Gadgets and Gizmos

Fax to e-Mail / e-Mail by Voice Services

Laptop Carrying Cases

Resources for your Laptop Computer
Here are links to help you purchase new or used laptops and other equipment.

O'Grady'sPowerPage - Apple PowerBook Resource:Lot's of links about Apple PowerBooks

Encryption and data security software

  • SafeHouse Hard Drive Encryption :SafeHouse provides transparent "on-the-fly" encryption for your notebook or desktop personal computer. Free download of software available from this site.

Internet Telephone Software and Equipment

Modem and peripheral manufacturers


Where to Buy Laptops & Accessories
A guide to places to purchase laptop computers and travel accessories for your laptop, from electrical and telephone adapters to spare batteries, carrying cases and much more. .

Phone and electrical adapters and online Connectivity Accessories - From phone line adapters to acoustic couplers...

  • Laptop Travel Lowest prices on international power and telephone adapters and other notebook computer connectivity products and accessories. Online ordering available.

  • PORT A company providing a range of accessories for portable computers, including power, presentation, security communications and carrying cases.

  • Magellan's Travel Store Online ordering of telephone and electrical adapters for laptops, plus much other general travel merchandise.

  • Mobile Planet Online Catalog Add-ons for all varieties for laptop computers. Look under "International" for phone and electrical adapters and other products.

  • Road Warrior Outpost Seller of many types of accessories for laptops and other varieties of portable computers. Seems to specialize in hard drives. Check out the "Trading Post" for a list of newsgroups listing used computers for sale.

Places to purchase new and used portable computers and equipment online...

  • is a non-commercial web site that has the best source of information about buying, using or upgrading used laptops or used notebooks.

  • is a PC Bargain Hunter & Laptop Buyer's Guide. It contains recommendations and guides for buying used computers, laptops, digital cameras, PDAs, handelds and cheap computer memory.

  • is a web site where you can read about all the things you need to know before buying a laptop computer. I've tried to explain the basics and provided tips on how to find used, refurbished and cheap laptops.

  • A company that specializes in used laptops and have been doing so since March 1996. Offers used laptop computers and refurbished notebooks – quality brand names from your discount laptop dealer at Used Great bargains to be found.

  • PC Connection Online SuperStore A major US mail order company offering both PC and MAC computers, accessories and software. Ships DHL to most European countries, the Caribbean and some other countries around the world. Has a clearance section with a selection of overstocks, close-outs, and special buys where you may find a bargain.

  • LaptopAdvisor If you are looking for used laptops, check out this site.

  • Company says all items are brand new USA models & ship with the full manufacturers’ warranty and claim a 98% customer satisfaction rating!

Assorted Accessories for Your Laptop Computer

These companies sell a wide array of products useful to the frequent traveler, from laptop computer adapters to PDA batteries, battery chargers, carrying cases and more. Adapters and accessories of all types, with the best prices on the net!.

Laptop Parts, Printer Parts, Laptop Repair - Factory Direct, New and Used Laptop Parts/Notebook Parts, Printer Parts, PC Parts and Server Parts for Toshiba, Sony, IBM, HP, Compaq, Lexmark, Okidata and Xerox

Laptop Carrying Cases

  • Targus Carrying Cases A major manufacturer of computer carrying cases.
  • Codi computer carrying cases Maker of innovative carrying cases for laptops.
  • Kensington Seller of carrying cases, security devices, mice and power accessories.
  • PORT A company providing a range of accessories for portable computers, including power, presentation, security communications and carrying cases.

Laptop Security

  • Noble Enterprises Ltd.An exclusive licensee of Smith & Wesson Security Products. The Noble NG 30N security lock for notebook computers was our New Product Review for December 1999. We gave it a 9 thumbs up out of a possible 10!
  • Kensington Seller of carrying cases, security devices, mice and power accessories.
  • Qualtec Laptop Locks Maker of lock systems to prevent laptop theft.
  • Corporate travel safety This site contains some good information about security and travel with a special section on your laptop. Topics include security, Laptops and Modems, subways, etiquette, luggage, telephone scams, flight tracker, hotel safety, travel insurance and travel scams among others
  • Grip-It-Strips These colorful adhesive strips have a non-skid surface that helps keep your laptop from slipping out of your hand or off of your lap.They have saved my laptop from crashing to the floor many times during security checks in airports while being handled by security staff.